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Privacy and Terms


This site uses cookies for your login so that once you login/register, you never "time-out".
This means that you don't feel "rushed" like some sites; you don't need to constantly navigate around the site to keep your session active. Whever you visit the site you are automatically logged-in.
If you use a shared/public computer then you should logout from the site when you finish using the computer (logging out will automatically clear your session and delete the cookie).

Display Name

On your profile, there's a value for "Display Name" - this is the name that people see for who posted your articles, blog-topics and comments etc.
It doesn't have to be your real name, it can be anything you want (as long as it's not already taken by someone else on the site). Nobody will ever see your email address or your real first/last name that you enter on your profile; those are used solely for when we (the site owners) need to contact you (for example if there's an issue with something you've posted.

Email Address

We know that not everybody has an email address, and that some people who don't have an email address would still like to post comments on existing topics/articles etc, so the Email address is not mandatory when you register - you can register without an email address and post comments on the site.
However, if you want to create your own blog or your own articles then you will need to put an email address on your profile.
If there are issues with your comments, and you don't have an email address on your profile, then we may delete some of your comments and we will not be able to contact you to explain why we have done so.
So, having an email address is not mandatory, but it is advised if you want to make the most of the site.

Your postings will be public

Please remember that when you post a comment/reply on a topic/article, or when you post an article or blog topic, that your comments/article/topic will be public. There is no "friends only" option; if you post something then it's assumed you want it to be available for anyone with an internet connection to read.
If you're creating your own article or blog topic, then you can keep the "Publish?" box unticked (in which case only you will be able to read it) - then, once you're happy with it, you can tick the "Publish?" box to make it available to everyone.
If you want to take an article/topic off the site, then just edit it and untick the "Publish?" box and press the save button, but remember that once an article/topic has already been published, search engines and other sites might have already taken a snapshot of it.
So, don't flag your articles/topics as published until you're happy with them to be made public.

Do NOT post personal information about other people without their permission

When you create an article/topic, or post a comment, you need to be careful about referencing details about other people, especially when it comes to ordinary members of the public. Never mention someone's full name, or address, or date of birth without their permission.

Do NOT libel, harass, or deliberately offend people

Do not write anything libellous about other people or organisations, and do not harass people.
"Cyber bullying" will not be tolerated on this site, and your account will be immediately suspended if this occurs.

Contact Us if you have issues

If you have any concerns about privacy, please contact us.
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Privacy Policy and Terms

We take privacy seriously.

We take the privacy of our site's visitors/members very seriously.
Please click here to view our privacy policy and general terms, which also includes details of "who can see what?" regarding the information that you enter on the site, and our general approach/terms to usage of the site.

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