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UK "Top" Beach is a disgusting, filthy rubbish tip

Komentar (1) (dari: Tourism Blog di Wisata) - oleh: admin - 09-JUL-2013 20:42
Bournemouth beach, one of the UK's top tourist destinations, is a disgusting, filthy rubbish tip, and is run/managed by mind-blowingly incompetent councillors.
The "Tidy" part of Bournemouth Beach on the UK South Coast
The "Tidy" part of Bournemouth Beach on the UK South Coast
It was in peak season, at the weekend, on one of the hottest days of the year, and was one of the UK's top tourist destinations....

And it was absolutely disgusting.

Bournemouth beach (on the south coast of the UK) is an absolute disgrace, and its council members need to eat some humble pie, admit they're incompetent, and then learn lessons from people who actually know what they're doing, such as from their Indonesian counterparts.

In the late afternoon/early-evening on Saturday 6th July, we visited the beach next to Bournemouth Pier, and although you'd expect a few discarded plastic water bottles towards the end of a busy day, you wouldn't normally expect the entire beach to be strewn with rubbish as far as the eye could see.

Glass bottles, beer cans, cigarette butts, plastic bags, filthy used towels, dirty/discarded swimming trunks. You name it, it was there, and in abundance.

"Everything but the kitchen sink?" - well, actually, no; it really DID have a discarded kitchen sink as well.

Meanwhile, the Imax building on the sea front (voted one of the UK's most hated/ugly buildings) which has finally been demolished so that people can get a sea-view from the approach, seems to be getting replaced with a "temporary" structure approved by the council which is going to be just as tall as the Imax building and which nobody ever asked for.

So, Bournemouth council are happily spending millions of pounds of their residents' hard-earned money to demolish a building that should never have been built and then building a new structure which nobody ever wanted or asked for, but they don't seem to have the money to pay a handful of litter-pickers at peak season for their main tourist-draw, the beach.

Bournemouth council need to stop burning their residents' money on pointless/stupid projects that nobody wants and which make the town a laughing stock, and instead start to use a bit of common sense (if they have any), and manage their resources properly.

When tourism is one of your town's main sources of income, you simply do not allow your main "draw" to become a disgusting rubbish tip in peak season.

They need to learn lessons from their counterparts in places like Kuta, Bali, which has a beach that's a joy to visit at anytime, because it's properly managed and cleaned.

This is not rocket science. Employ a few litter pickers, especially in peak season, don't just have them trawl the beach once or twice a day, instead have them constantly combing the beach all day in shifts. And put up signs saying that people dropping litter will get on-the-spot fines, and then police those warnings properly.

Our advice to anyone considering visiting Bournemouth beach in peak season:
Don't go there. Go somewhere else.
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Komentar (1)
Lucas mengatakan (di: 15-FEB-2014 14:50) :
I agree simon . There was ACUALLY A KITCHEN SINK at the beach.
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