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Adding Comments/Replies to Topics/Articles

To add a comment/reply to a topic/article, you first need to register.
If you have already registered, then you will need to be logged-in to be able to post comments/replies.
When you're logged in, you'll see an "Add a comment to this article:" section at the bottom of each article, type your comment into the "Your Comment:" box and then press the "Post Comment" button to submit the comment.
Some articles do not allow comments to be posted, some articles have moderation (the article owner will only publish your submitted comments after he has approved them), and some articles post the comments immediately with no moderation.
At the bottom of each article page, the comment permissions are displayed for that article.
You can also reply to other people's comments - at the bottom of the article (but above the "Add a comment to this article" section) you'll see other people's comments, just click on the "Reply" text on a given comment to reply to that comment.
This means that you can have "threads" running on an article, generating a discussion about the topic.


If you want to do a search across the whole site (to find any article/blog that has a specific word/phrase in it), then just enter your search text into the search box on the top/right of the screen, and press the [Go] button.


If you want to change the language of the site (from Indonesian to English, or from English to Indonesian) then just click on the relevant flag on the top-right panel (the "bahasa/language" section).

Creating Articles/Blogs

To create an article/blog, you first need to register, and you must have an email address on your profile (your email address is not published on the site, it's only for us to contact you when needed).
If you have already registered, then you will need to be logged-in to create/manage your articles/blogs.
When you're logged in, click on the "My Account" menu option (this is in the red menu bar, and it's also available at the top/right of the site, next to the "Logout" tab).
On the "My Account" pages, all your management options will be displayed on the left panel.
Click on "My Articles/News" to create/edit articles/news, or click on "My Blogs" to create/edit your blogs.

Your Image Gallery

The "My Image Gallery" section on your "My Account" options allows you to upload images that you can then "embed" into the main text of your articles/topics.
Please note that this is only for "embedding" images into your articles (putting then inside the html-editor so that they appear inside the main text of your article).
If you're just applying an image to an article/topic via the edit/create article/topic screen then you DON'T need to upload that file to your image gallery, you can just upload it directly in the edit/create article/topic screen.
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Privacy Policy and Terms

We take privacy seriously.

We take the privacy of our site's visitors/members very seriously.
Please click here to view our privacy policy and general terms, which also includes details of "who can see what?" regarding the information that you enter on the site, and our general approach/terms to usage of the site.

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