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Articles > Culture > fiksimini sunda (by: oom somara de uci)

fiksimini sunda

Comments (1) (in Culture) - by: oom somara de uci - 24-DEC-2011 2:24 AM
fiksimini, fiksimini sunda

fiksimini #KANGJENG KIAYI#

Oom Somara de Uci

Pegel sila salila-lila. Ngawiridkeun lapad doa keur lima mualaf nu sila elekesekeng, hareupeun. Lima murid anyar, bengal. Muhit elmu baheula, jampe pamake buhun, biangna pamusyrikan. Kareret tangkal buah, meujeuhna meuhpeuy. Kojengkang ka tukang neangan gantar pangajul, milihan nu asak, hese beleke. Ana pok teh,"Kiayi hoyong buah nu asak?", ceuk lima murid bari hiber ngurilingan tangkal buah...
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Comments (1)
dadan fauzan (Mang Abu) says (at: 31-DEC-2011 5:32 AM) :
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