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Promote Your Business

There are several ways to promote your business on
Below we explain each option in detail.
All of our adverts "rotate" - for example if there are 5 advertisers who have all paid for a banner advert on the home page, then the banner area on the home page will automatically change every 5 seconds, rotating between each advertiser. The advertiser that the page starts showing first will be random, so each advertiser in a given area of the site has an equal chance of their advert coming first, second etc.

You can choose which pages/sections of the site you want your adverts to appear.

Your adverts can be linked to any URL you like, so if you don't have your own website to link the adverts to, then you can link them to your home page on this site (see point 3 below).

Examples and rates will be published on this page soon. In the meantime, please contact us if you wish to advertise.

1. Banner Adverts

These are adverts that are placed directly above the page headings.

2. Side-Panel Adverts

These are adverts that are placed on the right-panel of the site (below the language flag icons).

3. Your own Home Page (and linking your "posted by" info)

Your business can have its own "home page" on the site - visitors/customers will be able to see all your articles/topics, and other details about your business etc in one place, it works in a similar way to a Facebook wall.

All your business articles/topics that you post will have your business name mentioned on the article, and it will be linked to your home page.

This means that regardless of how someone found your article/topic (from a search, or from latest-news on the home page etc), they will be able to click on the link of your business name to see your home page.

4. Add Content

This is free, but works best when you also have adverts and/or your own home page.
You should regularly create articles and blog topics on the site - if visitors don't see any new articles/topics from your account then they will assume that you're no longer using the site and they will usually then ignore your adverts, so add articles/topics regularly and keep people up to date with your business on the site.
If visitors see that your articles are up to date, then they'll be more likely to believe/click-on your adverts or home page.
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Excelsis Fine Fragrances -Handcrafted With Real Essential Oils
Mastershop - Web Developers - Shopping Cart Specialists.
Advertise Here - Get Worldwide and Local Reach by promoting your business on

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