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About Us

Find out what's happening in Majalengka.

Use the site to get all the latest news from Majalengka and to find out what's going on, everything from large scale government projects, to news of individual members of the public who post their own news/articles/blogs.

Create your own news, articles, and blogs for free.

This site is intended for use by the general public, not just to view, but also to contribute to.
Normal members of the public are encouraged to create news/articles/blog-topics on whatever subject they like, as long as there's some kind of link to Majalengka (eg if you live in Majalengka then you can post anything you like, or if your news/article/blog-topic relates to a Majalengka place/event then you can post it; as long as there's some kind of link between the posting/poster and Majalengka, then you're welcome to post it on the site).

Promote your business - Create articles and blogs for free for your Majalengka business.

If you own a business in Majalengka, then you can create your own news, articles, and blogs at no cost.
This means that you can promote your business to the local Majalengka people who are visiting/contributing-to the site, and also means that your business is promoted to people outside Majalengka as the readership of the site is worldwide.
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Promote your business - Place adverts on the site.

If you own a business (it doesn't necessarily have to be in Majalengka), then you can step-up your promotion by placing adverts on the site (in the right-hand panel). Although news, articles, blogs are free, placing an advert on the site's side panel will be charged. These side-panel adverts have a large impact on your customer-base as they're shown on all pages - the adverts are formatted/placed in a way that makes everyone see/read them without even thinking, but they're not intrusive to the visitors.
Adverts can run for however long you want them to (eg you can set start/end dates for when you want them to appear), and you can change them when appropriate.
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Stay in contact with Majalengka friends/family.

Use the site as a social networking tool, posting news, articles, and blogs about what you've been doing, and about your general thoughts on various subjects.

Contribute - Have your say

Please do feel welcome to register and create your own news, articles, and blogs etc - the more that local people contribute, the better the experience for visiting the site will be for everyone. Don't be afraid to post something that might seem "small" - you don't have to post an official news article about a tourist spot, if you want to you can simply tell the world that you don't like washing the dishes or that your cat's just had a litter of kittens, or that you saw a programme on TV last night that you thought was great.

Ownership - Who owns what?

The ownership of the content on the website belongs to whoever wrote the content.
Whatever you write, you own; you get the credit for it when people like it, you get the money for it if someone wants to publish it elsewhere, and you take the responsibility for it if it's libellous.

Got a suggestion for the site - let us know

If you've got any ideas, comments, or suggestions for the site, then please contact us and let us know.

Privacy and Terms

click here to view details of our privacy policy and our general terms for usage of the site.

Warta Majalengka Organizational Chart and Ethos is one of the online news sites residing in the district of Majalengka - West Java, this is in line with the Law No.42 year 1999 About the Press.
This site is intended for use by the general public, not just to see, but also to be able to contribute, so that community members are encouraged to make the news / article / blog-topic whatever subject they like provided in accordance with rule of journalism:
What, Who, When, Where, Why, How.

Organizational Details:

Neni Barnaby
Simon Barnaby
Staff Editors:
Oom Somara de Uci
Momon Surachman
Ade Duryawan
Siti Maryam
Asep D.Kusnandar
Budi Mardiana
Udin Choerudin
Nano Supriyatna
Didin Fachrudin
Herdis M. Noer
bahasa/language: Bahasa Indonesia English Language
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Privacy Policy and Terms

We take privacy seriously.

We take the privacy of our site's visitors/members very seriously.
Please click here to view our privacy policy and general terms, which also includes details of "who can see what?" regarding the information that you enter on the site, and our general approach/terms to usage of the site.

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